Speech to text using assembly AI

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Run this python code to submit the mp3 file from S3. You will have to register first to get the authorization API key.


import requests
headers = {
    “authorization”: “XXX”,
    “content-type”: “application/json”

endpoint = “https://api.assemblyai.com/v2/transcript”
json = {
  “audio_url”: “https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/blog.assemblyai.com/audio/8-7-2018-post/7510.mp3”
response = requests.post(endpoint, json=json, headers=headers)

You will get id and status like this…

‘id’: ‘g9j4q46h9-5d04-4f96-8186-b4def1b1b65b’, ‘status’: ‘queued’,

Use the id to query the results.

endpoint = “https://api.assemblyai.com/v2/transcript/g9j4q46h9-5d04-4f96-8186-b4def1b1b65b”
response = requests.get(endpoint, headers=headers)

And you will get the text of audio file. It will look something like this…

‘text’: ‘You know, Demons on TV like that. And and for people to expose themselves to being rejected on TV or you know, her M humiliated by fear factor or you know.’

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